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Sasha Teen Art Club

Since working with Sub Pop Records, Sasha has developed connections with bands across the world through working on posters, packaging, and merchandise. Over the years, he has worked with groups such as 'Lucero' and 'Father John Misty', which includes a Grammy award for his work on the cover of their LP, 'Pure Comedy' in 2018. Through his music connections he has also been able to create art in other areas that he is passionate about like skating as he has created art designs for skateboards, merchandise, and other skate equipment. Music and skating have always been a major part of his life since an early age and continues to be as he has on many projects in those fields. "Skateboarding and music have been a big part of my life since I was a teenager, and they are both industries that I've sort of made my way into and have done a lot of work in. I've always been inspired by other stuff that I see in those industries."

sasha teen art club

Kennedy is an artist who has been exhibited internationally most recently in Flat Fix, Halsey McKay Gallery, NY; Eyes, Ditch Projects, OR; Sunday, Crisp-Ellert Museum, FL; Kristan Kennedy Meets a Clock, Soloway, NY; Sleeper Fourteen30 Contemporary, OR; OO, Misako & Rosen, JP., Tomorrow, Tomorrow, CANADA, Stretch/Release, Durst Britt & Mayhew, NL, and Other Colors, Fourteen30 Contemporary. Kennedy received the Bonnie Bronson Fellowship in 2018. She is represented by Fourteen30 Contemporary Art, Portland, Oregon.

I laughed, but my eyes were fixed on the pool. In the evening, a different set of club members came out. I'd been watching them emerge all summer: swimmers doing laps in the fading sun and well-dressed women who sipped white wine from the indoor bar. For these club members, the whole world seemed to relax to give them a moment of easy peace.

"Yup, Shelbs is definitely flirting." I yanked the gallon jug of ketchup through the service window. "Do you think before summer's over, the club management would let us sit out there, after closing?"

It was impossible. I couldn't eat fries, and the sun tended to make me queasy. But still, something in me pulsed with longing. "I just want to feel what it's like to be a country club member, you know?"

There was only one problem: I'd forgotten to factor Hema into the plan. Having Guzman around all day meant that the human blood substitute I drank at breakfast would have to hold me until my shift ended. The first few days, I'd gotten so hungry by closing I'd caught myself looking a little too long at the bare wrists and exposed necks of the club members. I considered sneaking some Hema into the kitchen, so I could grab a sip when Guzman wasn't looking. But having to explain why there was a bottle of blood next to the burger patties was far worse than going hungry.

I pulled into the parking lot beside the Sacramento Shared Services Clinic and texted Mom. Fifteen minutes later, I gave up waiting and went inside. Mom was born in 1900 and turning 122 this year. Even though her vampiric body still looked like she was in her late thirties, she was always forgetting that texting was a thing.

A $5 copy and shared materials fee is payable at the first session to the instructor via cash, PayPal, or Venmo. Students purchase their materials. Please feel free to email Sasha @ with any questions.

A $10 copy and shared materials fee is payable at the first session to the instructor via cash, PayPal, or Venmo. Students purchase their materials. Students can find the suggested art materials list at -lists/. Please feel free to email Sasha @ with any questions.

A $5 copy and shared materials fee is payable at the first session to the instructor via cash, PayPal, or Venmo. Students purchase their materials. Students can find the suggested art materials list and kit options at -lists/. Please feel free to email Sasha @ with any questions.

A $5 copy and shared materials fee is payable at the first session to the instructor via cash, PayPal, or Venmo. Students can find the suggested art materials list at -lists/. Please feel free to email Sasha @ with any questions.

Shawna is the Front Desk Lead for AoPS Academy Bellevue. She is an aspiring fiction writer and a crochet hobbyist. She spent thirteen years as a barista before transitioning her career to that of an administrative direction when working as a Provider Support Staff with Mindful Therapy Group for a year. She is excited to apply all of her skills and experience from her previous position to help the AoPS Academy team succeed and has greatly enjoyed getting to know and work with the team here! She loves watching scary movies and groovin' to her music while working on her many craft projects.

Seth is a mathematics teaching assistant for the Bellevue AoPS team. He is a student at Washington University in St. Louis (Go Bears!) and is currently planning to major in economics and mathematics. His love for math began during his early days, when he was competing for his elementary school math club at local competitions around Washington. He has always considered numbers to be his first language, and he loves combining his mathematical skills with working with students to help them expand their knowledge. In his scarce free time, he loves to be around family and friends, explore the outdoors, and watch college and professional sports.

Robert is a Senior Instructor for AoPS Academy Bellevue. He has been teaching for over fifteen years and has taught in four different countries outside of the United States. He has enjoyed being exposed to the many cultures and ways that foreign students learn math. He was educated at both the University of Washington and Washington State University and holds a master's degree in education as well as two undergraduate degrees in mathematics and statistics. His love of math was inspired by his early reading of books on astronomy, the artwork of M.C. Escher, and the many road atlases that his grandparents would gift to him at Christmas. Problem solving and puzzles are big interests of his and he enjoys seeing all the the ways our students approach the subject. He hopes to share his experience and learn from his fellow teachers in his new Senior Instructor role.

Dr. Rus has been teaching math for the past 17 years, and is so excited to be joining AoPS! She has a master's degree in abstract mathematics from the University of Washington, and is a National Board certified teacher for adult and young adolescents. She is originally from Romania, which is where she got into math and math contests. Her energy comes from her students, who inspire her every day to do better! Other than teaching and interacting with students, she enjoys learning new things. She is an advocate for social justice, and loves reading, trying new foods, skiing, animals, dancing, roller skating, badminton, and traveling. She has a teenage daughter that will start high school this year, who loves synchronized swimming. She is owned by a beautiful Siberian Forest cat named Starlight, which you might sometimes see in her sessions popping in unexpectedly.

Saba got her bachelor's degree in mathematics from Sharif University in Tehran, Iran. She started teaching a math club when she was 19, and immediately fell in love with teaching. During her undergraduate degree, she created a mini start-up with friends to introduce high school students in public schools to more sophisticated mathematical concepts and to teach them how to have fun with math. She moved to the US to get a master's degree in education and has worked for several charter schools in New York City as an academic data analyst and teacher. She has taught Foundations of Algebra, Algebra II, Pre Calculus, AP Calc BC, and AP CS Principles at Achievement First University Prep High School. She loves to read and go on long walks with an audiobook.

Bike club meets some Fridays after school to talk about bikes, plan bike rides, sometimes ride as a group from school, and sometimes hold events related to biking (and unicycling). Meetings in school at room 220. Google classroom code 2q4jwqq for updates and info.

The chess club is open to chess players of all levels. Students will engage in casual matches, strategy discussions, and informal tournaments. The club meets on Thursdays in room 310. Meetings run from 2:05 - 3:00 p.m., but you do not need to stay the whole time or come every week to be a part of our club. The Google Classroom join code is wg3iuue.

Girls Who Code is a club for all girls or non-binary students who want to learn about computer programming, which is also known as coding. We will work on different coding projects each week, and will also take time learn about female mentors and role models in the technology fields, and to socialize.

Giving Bach is a student-run club for students who are interested in learning to play music with other students for an audience that may not have the opportunity to access live music. We have performed at nursing homes as well as events through Scranton Library, including the first ever String Instrument Petting Zoo.

Habitat for Humanity works closely with Raise the Roof, Madison's local chapter, by helping to build homes along with the Greater New Haven Habitat organization. The club plans and runs fundraisers to help raise money for Habitat homes, helps with Gala of the Stars Dance competition, participates in Build on the Green and many other amazing projects and activities! 041b061a72

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