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Where Can I Buy A Diehard Battery

The DieHard Gold Car Battery size 34 is just the right battery for reliability. This long-lasting battery was made with your family car, truck or van in mind. For the larger vehicle, we give you van applications with 12V car battery voltage. Cruising the streets never felt so reliable. The DieHard car battery brand offers up to 685 CCA (cold cranking amps) of battery power and up to 100 minutes of RC (reserve capacity). This model includes a convenient carrying handle and flush manifold vented, tamper-resistant battery cover.

where can i buy a diehard battery

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With a maintenance-free, lead-acid battery constructed battery under the hood of your car, the DieHard Gold Automotive Battery 34 requires no periodic water additions under normal service conditions, allowing you and your car to get to wherever you need to go, all of the time. Proven reliable construction features to let you feel secure while on the road include demineralized battery acid, thru-partition connectors, heat-sealed polpropylene case/cover, full-frame calcium-lead alloy grids and remote flame-retardant safety vents. We also give you built in security with a 36-month free replacement nationwide warranty. The DieHard car battery gives you confidence in long-lasting battery power at a great price. Perfect battery for southern climates.

DieHard is an American brand of automotive battery and parts owned by Advance Auto Parts and sold exclusively at Advance, Carquest and Sears stores. Advance bought the DieHard brand from Sears in December 2019.[1]

The brand dates to 1967, having been developed by Globe-Union Battery for Sears. Globe-Union was later bought out by Johnson Controls, who continued to manufacture the DieHard for Sears. In its earliest years, the brand was guaranteed to last "forever," that is, as long as the original owner still owned the car in which it was originally installed, in contrast to traditional pro rata battery warranties.[citation needed] The policy later was discontinued.[citation needed]

In 2019 Johnson Controls sold their battery division to Clarios, LLC, who manufacture DieHard brand, along with Duralast, Varta, and AC Delco, as well as 20 other brands.[citation needed] For a time, DieHard batteries were also manufactured by Exide. In March 2001, Exide pleaded guilty to fraud conspiracy charges and agreed to pay a fine of $27.5 million to end a federal criminal investigation into auto-battery sales to customers of Sears, Roebuck & Company. The case arose from investigations and accusations that Exide conspired with Sears to sell used batteries as new to Sears customers and that Exide officials had paid bribes to conceal the fraud.[2] DieHard battery manufacturing afterward returned to Johnson Controls.

The DieHard brand is also used on hand tools, power tools, battery chargers, booster cables, power inverters, alkaline batteries, tires, work boots, and the batteries for Craftsman power tools. Battery chargers were initially made by Associated Equipment under the "608" model prefix, and then later Schumacher Electric under the "200" model prefix.[citation needed]

This asset acquisition will give Advance the right to sell DieHard batteries, the most trusted brand in the automotive battery category, and enables Advance to extend the DieHard brand into other automotive and vehicular categories. In addition, the deal allows Transformco to sell DieHard brand batteries through its existing channels pursuant to a supply agreement with Advance. Advance is also granting Transformco an exclusive royalty-free, perpetual license to develop, market, and sell DieHard branded products in non-automotive categories.

My recent DieHard battery died in exactly two years. Suspicious to me, as my batteries always last 4-6 years. I only start the car an average of maybe 3.5 times a day. The battery was replaced under warranty, but if the next one lasts only two years, then I still haven't reached the lifespan of one good battery. Those batteries that lasted 4-6 years? Many DieHards! What's going on? A mechanic informed me that DieHard is not good anymore since Sears "died." Looked into it further. Advance Auto Parts acquired the DieHard brand on 12/23/2019. From then to the time of this review, all three reviews on ConsumerAffairs were one star. I will not be that harsh. I feel three stars is fair for two years. I simply hope DieHard and Advance Auto see these reviews, and will strive to improve upon their quickly diminishing reputation. Advance Auto, be better please! A Concerned Consumer

I bought a Platinum DieHard battery in March 2022. It worked great for about two months. Then it would not hold a charge. I took it back to advanced auto where I purchased it. The guy gives me a replacement but gives me a gold instead of platinum like I exchanged. Less than a month later I had to charge the battery. I checked my alternator and for anything on that would cause it to drain and nothing was wrong with my truck. After charging the battery it worked for about three weeks then it was dead again. I tried to charge it and it would not connect to the charger so I bought a new charger same issue. Took the battery to advanced auto and they could not get it to connect to test it. I asked to exchange it and was informed you can only exchange it once. No prorated no nothing. Just buy another battery. Diehard used to stand behind their batteries. Now they are owned and made by advanced auto. DO NOT BUY DIEHARD BATTERIES.

Based on supposed reviews I had Die Hard battery installed in my car on November 13th. It was a Silver Series 86-1. The very next day the car would not start without a jump. After no help from the mechanic who did the installation I finally opted to take the car to the dealer. They did a complete system electrical check and the end result was the battery had a dead cell. At the time of the check the battery showed 10.2 volts. I had the dealer install a battery and the problem was corrected. It appears that quality control has become less important than satisfying a customer who was inconvenienced greatly. Die Hard was a Great name back in the Sears Days, sadly that time is gone.

I just replaced my Die Hard Battery today with another Die Hard Battery that I got from Sears. When I asked the clerk when the original one was purchased it was 2011. Incredible that this battery lasted 8 years of hard miles and driving on my car. Even when I turned in the battery it was holding 13volts and still capable of starting the vehicle but unfortunately its cranking power had eventually diminished and it didn't always start my car in the end. It truly lived up to its name of "Die Hard". It NEVER left me stranded, NEVER needed a jump in all the years I had it. It always brought me home. The funny part is that the clerk also told me how long the battery I had before that one lasted and it was 6 years. Go figure 6 years on the first and 8 years on my second Die Hard. These people really know how to make a battery.

I have had only positive experiences with DieHard batteries. They are a good price and they work well. They are affordable and dependable and that's exactly what I want in a car battery! We have to replace our car battery every 5 years or so, which really isn't bad at all.

DieHard was the last battery I ever did have to buy again as I never had any problems with the car after I put a DieHard in it. No more stranded nights out fishing yup, but I always carried a generator with me. The batteries would always have that fierce cold cranking amps for the sub zero weather around here and I would definitely recommend DieHard batteries.

This was the first time getting a DieHard battery and it was the most reasonable battery I could get. The guy also said it was the best there was, and I took him at his word. And it was the best battery that I have ever bought. It was maintenance from, easy to install and it did the job. But they could lower the price and make it to last longer.

Don't wait until the dreaded "click" to get a new car or truck battery! Your vehicle is as good as dead without a healthy car battery. In San Antonio, Firestone Complete Auto Care is the best shop for battery testing, service, and replacement. If you notice a check engine light or slow engine crank, your battery needs attention. A leak, low fluid, or corrosion around the connection terminals are also symptoms of a battery that's about to call it quits. Our technicians are here to help you face battery problems head on.

A reliable car needs reliable parts. The auto battery gives your car the power it needs to get up and, but so many other pieces play a role, too. There's your brakes, steering and suspension, engine, tires, alignment, filters, and more! At Firestone Complete Auto Care in San Antonio, we take care of it all. You'll get the best total car care we offer, from the moment you drive into our parking lot! So whether it's time to wave your old battery goodbye, you're in the market for Bridgestone tires, or you need brake pads replaced before work, book an appointment online and come to Firestone Complete Auto Care. Highly skilled technicians are prepared to find the right solution for your vehicle!

Our latest tests show that shopping for a car battery by brand name alone can be a big mistake, both in terms of performance and in cost. But our latest Ratings make it easy to find the best one for your needs and budget, no matter what you drive.

Big-name battery brands DieHard (Sears and Kmart), EverStart (Walmart), and Interstate all top our Ratings in some group sizes, but they are at or near the bottom in others. The greatest inconsistency comes from DieHard, which makes both the best and worst performers in two of six common sizes. Based on our findings, it is best to cast aside brand loyalty, and instead focus on CR's test results. (See which car batteries we recommend.)

For instance, a DieHard Advanced Gold battery now tops the top-terminal Group 65 category used in many large vehicles, with no evidence of the small case cracks seen in our last test. (The cracks observed in our previous test caused no loss in performance, but previously resulted in a lower score.) 041b061a72

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