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Mason Taylor

Rufus Error While Partitioning Drive

hi, i am new here and i was wondering if you could help me out with a rufus problem. i downloaded the version 4.8.3 and i followed the instructions on the website and then i downloaded the.iso file. i clicked on it and rufus finished the process. now i tried to boot from the usb drive i made and i get a black screen with an underscore under it. i have tried many different things, and the only thing that seems to work is if i disconnect the usb drive. i am so frustrated that i don't know what to do, please help!

Rufus Error While Partitioning Drive

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i'm trying to make an iso of kali linux 2020.5.0 (kali linux 2020.2.0), and i'm using rufus, and the installer says that i have too few devices. i have this computer, and a usb mouse, and a usb keyboard, and a usb-c hub. i'm not sure what to do to get kali linux 2020.0 onto a usb. please help! thanks!

i just downloaded rufus 3.5.0 and this happened. i changed the size of the usb and then it said there was a problem and it didnt give any more options. i also tried to create the bootable usb with unetbootin and it said that it could not create a bootable usb.

hey, i have a problem. i installed kali linux 2020.2.0 on my usb drive and it worked. then when i rebooted my pc, it said that there is no partition on the usb drive. i followed the instructions you put here but it did not work. can you help me out?

this can be a very dangerous situation. many usb flash drive manufacturers, such as transcend, provide users with free memory chip replacement services. but, if you don't have a backup copy of your files and/or installation media for the flash drive, you will be in trouble. the good news is that you can recover your data easily with some free software, such as my data mover.

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