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Imagine That REPACK

Imagine that is a great place for kid's party !! I hosted my son's second and third birthday patties in Imagine that ! The staff is very friendly and courteous. The whole experience becomes so hands free as everything is outsourced. I would highly recommend Imagine that for birthday parties ?

Imagine That

We love Imagine That! I've been bringing my kiddo here since he was a baby, it's easy to spend an entire day here. We decided to celebrate our son's 5th birthday here and unfortunately he tested positive for Covid the day before the party! Imagine that could not have been more accommodating, working with us to reschedule for another day. The party was a blast, our son had a great time and he was absolutely thrilled. Everything was handled perfectly. Thank you for making his birthday special!!!

We came a Sat afternoon during the pandemic and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Staff is constant cleaning up the place, hand sanitizer available everywhere and plenty of room for social distancing. I understand that everyone has a different comfort level at this point but I would hate to see another great small business having to shut down due to this pandemic. So if you can, please help to support them during this crisis.

Imagine That exceeded my expectations. I had my daughter's 4th birthday party here and it was Awesome! The excitement of the party carried over to the next day when she returned to preschool. Her teacher says all her classmates that attended talked about all the fun they had. Everything was great, from the food to the play activities and staff. Thank you for making my daughter's birthday a day to remember!

RoboThink is a global STEM education program educating over 50,000 students around the world in robotics, coding, technology and engineering. We offer fun and educational themed camps, after school programs, birthday parties and workshops at our convenient location in Florham Park. In our classes, your child can become a young engineer and learn about the exciting world of technology by building and moving cool robots, designing and coding fun video games and working on unique STEM challenges that build problem solving, critical thinking and spatial awareness skills. Why not give your child a head-start introduction and exposure into the world of technology?

Imagine That!!! is a recently renovated facility that specializes in pre-school age and young school children. 16,000 sq ft with 24 ft ceilings. For over 30 years, Imagine That!!! has provided safe, educational fun for children in New Jersey. It offers a wide variety of exhibits and activities for the whole family to enjoy. There is no outside food allowed as there is a huge commercial kitchen with an executive chef offering all kinds of home made foods including dairy free, gluten free and vegan choices.

With rave reviews for our cleanliness and a bright, open floor plan design, our facility includes a gift shop packed with great educational toys and plenty of free parking. We are a one-level, no-stairs facility that makes us comfortable and accessible for wheelchairs and anyone with special needs or mobility issues.

If you are in the Wichita area please come and visit our store at 2939 N Rock Road Suite 150, on the Southwest corner of 29th and N Rock Road as this web site has only a fraction of the items that we carry.

We strive to provide excellent customer service. Are you worried about finding the right gift for that special child in your life? Let us help you. We love helping you find the best gift for that special child or children. Even better for you, we gift wrap for free in the store year round. Every event should be special whether it is a birthday or holiday or even those milestones like becoming a big brother or big sister or even simply sleeping in their own bed through the entire night. Every day can be special!

Let your imagination soar with films that transport you into magical rainforests and mysterious gardens. From wondrous places where penguins are looking for new friends to new adventures with teddy bear sidekicks, these creatures are nothing but fun. Featuring films from Australia, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, and the United States.

Parents need to know that this Eddie Murphy father-daughter comedy is aimed squarely at families, so expect your kids to be interested. The good news is that it's mostly tame and family-friendly, except for a few exclamations like "crap" and "hell" and some possibly off-putting, over-the-top references/jokes regarding Native Americans and their culture. While Murphy's character starts out primarily interested in furthering his career, he ultimately learns an important lesson about putting his daughter first.

Evan (Eddie Murphy) is a successful investment manager who's up for a huge promotion. But the same week that he has to outperform his scene-stealing competitor Johnny Whitefeather (Thomas Haden Church) in client meetings, his ex-wife sends their daughter Olivia (Yara Shahidi) to stay with him. As the week progresses, it becomes clear that Olivia's special security blanket, "Goo Ga," and her imaginary princess friends are prescient about business deals. When Evan loosens up and starts believing in Olivia's unseen pals, it looks like he'll be a shoo-in for the big job.

Evan (Eddie Murphy) is a desperate executive with no time for fun and games -- or even his daughter (Yara Shahidi). When he is forced to assume his fatherly responsibilities for the seven-year-old, he discovers Olivia's security blanket and imaginary world may have more impact on his job security and his world than he ever imagined.

And the Yankees also have a big advantage in the bullpen, where Little has temporarily taken Byung-Hyun Kim off the job as automatic closer, knowing full well that Kim is a head case when to comes to finishing the game against the Yankees.

She made that pitch on a recent afternoon when she walked from house to house, consulting a phone app that gave names of frequent voters. The app led her from one door to another in Beechwood, one of the city's southeastern neighborhoods.

Interviews with residents in downtown Rochester found almost no one who was unconcerned. Mary Myers grew tearful: "As a teacher, that 9-year-old just breaks my heart that nobody put their arm around her and said, 'How can I help you?' " There was also sympathy for law enforcement in a city the FBI has ranked with one of the highest rates of violent crime. "It's kind of a 50-50 thing," Lisa Thompson said. "The police are there to make sure that everyone's safe. I just think that the way they approach the situation could be better."

This industrial city, built around waterfalls on the Genesee River, is still recovering from the decline of its famous tech firms, such as Kodak and Xerox, which gave Rochester a cutting-edge economy in the 20th century. The loss of that employment triggered a broader economic downturn, though Kodak's old tower still stands, and its former industrial park is partly filled with newer business ventures. Former office towers downtown have been converted to apartments; several residents we met were recent arrivals who lived in them.

Rochester's parks and streets are decorated with more than a dozen statues of Frederick Douglass, who lived in Rochester after escaping from slavery in the 1800s, making the city his base for his abolitionist newspaper. Today his likeness looks out over a city that is 48% white and 40% Black, while many other residents identify as Latino or Asian.

Martin's journey began with a frustrated effort at more modest change. She previously directed a nonprofit that focused on alternatives to incarceration, and in 2019, joined the campaign in Rochester over a referendum on policing.

"I was of the mindset that police could be reformed," Martin recalled. She took on a senior role on the Police Accountability Board Alliance, which advocated better civilian oversight of police. The group drafted legislation creating an outside body to investigate and punish police misconduct. The measure passed overwhelmingly in a 2019 referendum. The board now exists and holds regular meetings.

Constant friction between people of color and the Rochester police "informed my position as finally saying, you know what, I am an abolitionist, and I do not believe that we need prisons or police to solve the problems we have."

One significant hurdle is voters concerned about crime. When Martin knocked on the door of Joyce Newton, she named it as one of the neighborhood's major issues. "Everywhere you look, you see little memorials, and especially when you remember the people that died in those memorials, that is traumatic." There were 44 homicides in Rochester in 2020, the highest count in many years, and the city is on pace to exceed that number in 2021.

Singletary decided to stay, describing policing as "a calling" that was not fundamentally racist. "I don't think you have racist departments. I think you may have people with racist attitudes. ... People talk about 400 years of oppression and systems that have been built up. That's not going to change overnight," he said, insisting that he was working to change police practices with "one of the most diverse command staffs in our department's history."

Although a grand jury charged no one in Prude's death, Martin described it to fellow protesters as "murder" and "state-sanctioned violence." Protesters demanded that the mayor, district attorney and police chief resign over failure to disclose accurate details of Prude's death for months.

An independent investigation eventually accused the mayor of withholding information about Prude's death and accused Singletary of a misleading claim that Prude was "resisting arrest." Singletary insisted that he was unfairly targeted.

"I deal a lot with addicts," Lightfoot said, "and the biggest step [is] when they come to [the] acknowledgement that they have a problem. We in this city have acknowledged that we have a problem, and we're taking steps to fix it." 041b061a72

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