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Secrets Of Summer - Season 1 ##BEST##

A series that combines action, mystery, romance and endearing musical moments, which tells the story of a group of teenagers who work to save an old hotel lost in the middle of the Argentine Delta. Cielo Grande brings together childhood memories, family secrets and unforgettable moments in the middle of an exciting wakeboarding competition.[5]

Secrets of Summer - Season 1

Secrets of Summer aka Cielo Grande features Pilar Pascual as Stefania Navarro aka Steffi, Abril Di Yorio as Luz Aguilar, Víctor Varona as Antonio, Guido Messina as Julián, Francisco Bass as Ron Navarro, Giulia Guerrini as Natasha, Luan Brum as Charlie, Agustín Pardella as Noda, Byron Barbieri as Ian Navarro, Martín Tecchi as Augusto Montero and Débora Nishimoto as Irene. In the second season, we will see the entry of a new character called Oliver, played by Pasquale Di Nuzzo and the exit of Thaís Rippel as Naty, who was a major part of the first season.

If season 2 does happen, Pilar Pascual and Abril di Yorio will reprise the roles of Steffi and Luz. Almost all the members of their young friend group, including Guido Messina (Julian), Luan Brum (Charlie), Thais Rippel (Nati), and Victor Varona (Tony), are most likely to return for the second installment. Furthermore, Giulia Guerrini (Natasha), Byron Barbieri (Ian), Francisco Basbus (Ron), twins Juan and Fernando Monzo (as themselves), Agustín Pardella (Noda), and Mariel Percossi (Matrix) are also expected to come back. Apart from them, new cast members may appear as new characters too.

When Steffi checked in, she stole the reservation system password from the seemingly clueless desk clerk After she finds that her father Ron (Francisco Bass) and YouTube-obsessed brother Ian (Byron Barbieri) have checked in as a surprise, to support her during the tournament, her anger at him ticks up. It spurs her to sneak into the office during the season-opening get-together and try to copy data from the system.

The first season of secrets of summer was released in February 2022 and soon after, it got renewed for its second season. The second season of the teen series is now available on Netflix from December 30th. The first season included 11 episodes whereas the second season comes with a total of 8 episodes. Each episode has a run time of 28-40 minutes.

Secrets of Summer follows the story of a group of teenagers who work together for their dreams and also a common purpose which is to save an old hotel which is in the middle of the Argentine Delta. Steffi Novarro, the protagonist who is a wakeboarding champion, was on a journey to take part in the wakeboarding festival and also to find out some secrets concerning her father. She meets various people at the Cielo Grande hotel, like Luz, Julian, and Augusto. By the end of the first season, several revelations are made, secrets are found and the last episode ends on a cliffhanger which now brings us to the second season of this Argentinian series.

The second season starts exactly where the first leaves us off. The first season leaves us guessing about the future of Cielo Grande and also about who Oliver is. In the second season, the story gives the viewers an idea about Oliver and how he is going to affect the future of Cielo Grande.

In the second season, we see Steffi reflecting on some of her actions in the first season which might have certain effects on her life shown in the second. Natasha also has an important part to play in the story as she brings trouble to Steffi. The rivalries, jealousy, and musical elements in between are all that make this series a breezy watch.

Secrets of Summer is a Netflix Original musical series set in a hotel, which especializes inwatersports and is lost in the middle of the Argentine delta where a group of teenagers, alongside Mexican athlete Steffi Navarro (Pili Pascual), will stop at nothing to save it from closing. Cielo Grande brings together childhood memories, family secrets and unforgettable moments in the middle of an exciting wakeboarding competition.

  • This work provides examples of: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder: With Naty gone off to college, Charly falls in love at first sight and eventually starts a relationship with Leonor, one of the new female wakeboarders.

  • Almost Kiss: Julián tries to kiss Luz, who suddenly gets cold feet and leaves abruptly.

  • Alpha Bitch: Natasha Rossi, a famous wakeboader and Steffi's rival who takes pleasure in intimidating her in and out of social media.

  • Always Identical Twins: The Monzos, Fer and Juan.

  • All Love Is Unrequited: Naty starts to fall in love with Luz, even though she likes Tony instead.

  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Ian to Steffi, or to be more specific, step-sibling, since Ron married his mother Paula, who passed away before the events of the series.

  • Armor-Piercing Question: Two of them directed at Ron of all people, about how he met Steffi's mother at Cielo Grande, by Ian and Steffi. After Steffi sort-of explains to him what she's up to, a half-asleep Ian says:

  • Dad. Are you lying? After Ron finds the picture of Luz's mother in Ian's possesion, right after his question, he confronts Steffi about this. In turn, she comes up with this even very brutal question:

  • What secret are you hiding at Cielo Grande, Dad? The Bad Guy Wins: Natasha manages to beat Steffi at the Summer Crush competition, but Steffi takes the loss gracefully. However, just before Natasha could return to her country, she decides to stay and concocts a new plot against Cielo Grande after seeing the backlash on social media over her unfair means to win.

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Midly annoyed that he has to keep doing Steffi favors which interferes with his online streaming interests, Ian wishes he had two sisters. He does have two sisters, Steffi and Luz.

  • Berserk Button: Matrix's anger issues are clear proof that she isn't a person to mess with, even if it's unintentional.

  • Naty loves butterflies, but anyone (for example, Charly) having different views on them, even calling them "awful" will leave her offended. Next time choose your words very carefully Charly.

  • Benevolent Boss: Augusto, the hotel's owner, is openly warm-hearted to all of the staff, including his nephew Julián.

  • Beta Bitch: Natasha's coach and physiotherapist.

  • Beta Couple: Luz and Tony, Charly and Leonor.

  • Big Damn Kiss: Luz and Tony.

  • Steffi and Julián.

  • Betty and Veronica: Steffi is the Betty and Natasha the Veronica to Julián's Archie.

  • Downplayed with Steffi (Betty) and Matrix (Veronica) concerning Noda (Archie). While Steffi is a nice girl, Matrix, on the other hand, is hot-tempered and prone to jealousy, yet for a while Matrix mistakenly assumed that Steffi was trying to steal him from her due to a misunderstanding. However, Steffi herself isn't interested in Noda.

  • Big Bad: Natasha Rossi, initially for Steffi, but later on for the rest of the characters.

  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Natasha and her brother Oliver collude with each other after they take over the Cielo Grande resort at the beginning of the second season.

  • Bisexual Love Triangle: Downplayed. Such love triangle arises when Naty falls in love with Luz, who instead has feelings for Tony and is oblivious to her own feelings for Naty, who can only watch in sadness as the two are passionately kissing.

  • Bonding over Missing Parents: Steffi, with a deceased mother and Luz with a Missing Dad. However, both of them are apalled to realize that they share same said parents, who turn out to be Ron and Cynthia respectively, making them sisters.

  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Steffi, Luz and Natasha.

  • Broken Pedestal: Natasha was admired by almost every aspiring female wakeboarder. However, they were not satisfied when they foun out about her plans to cut the forest trees down to make improvements to the hotel she now owned.

  • Call-Back: The second season ends with Natasha and Oliver at the airport and the two see on social media a poll of who of the Navarro sisters is the best wakeboarder, but Natahsa doesn't pay any mind to that when Oliver asks her, similar to the first season when Natasha cancelled her flight to Milan to get revenge on Steffi and the gang after she is made aware of the negative outcome regarding her cheating means so that she could win the other competition.

  • Catchphrase: No da. By none other than...Noda.

  • Can't Take Criticism: Matrix doesn't take well Luz's honest comment about how rude she was to Naty when she accidentally spilled drinks on her table, to the point of tearing the contract apart and even threatening to leave the hotel over the "poor" treatment she received from the staff.

  • Cannot Spit It Out: By the first season finale, Naty tries to confess her feelings to Luz, but ultimately chickens out as she doesn't want to ruin her relationship with Tony.

  • Childhood Friend Romance: Subverted. Luz and Julián have been friends since childhood and he has a crush on her. However, when he leans in on to kiss her, Luz suddenly gets cold feet and leaves abruptly. Later on, it turns out that Luz is in love with Tony and only sees Julián as a good friend.

  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Matrix behaves like this, believing that Steffi tried to steal Noda from her.

  • Crash-Into Hello: This is how Steffi and Luz meet for the first time while they randomly bump into each other practicing skateboarding with Tony and Naty.

  • Dark Is Not Evil: Matrix usually wears dark clothes, not that it makes her a person with the intent to harm.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Matrix of all people in the show.

  • Demoted to Extra: Ian gets significantly reduced to a secondary character in terms of storyline by the second season.

  • Did Not Get the Girl: An inverted example with Naty, who stays alone after she friendzones Charly and decides to sacrifice her own feelings for Luz, and goes off to college after the events of season 2.

  • Dude, Not Funny!: When Charly rejects Naty's idea of including butterflies in the promotional video just because "it doesn't make sense", Julián amusingly makes a counteroffer: penguins; Naty doesn't see the fun of that.

  • Matrix suspects that there's something going on between Steffi and Noda, saying "I know they're up to something!", as Tony and Ian ask if she had seen her or Noda by any chance. Tony jokingly remarks that they must've teamed up to rob a bank. Matrix only responds with a fearful angry stare.

  • Driven by Envy: Steffi and Natasha used to be teammates. However, Natasha felt threatened by her amazing skills at wakeboarding that she wanted to cut Steffi out of the team, but Tony was completely against it and Natasha herself was kicked out instead. This is what motivates Natasha to wanting to defeat Steffi at all costs in the Summer Crush competition.

  • Even the Girls Want Her: This is how Naty feels about Luz from the first moment they meet.

  • Everyone Loves Blondes: Both Julián and Juan each develop a crush on Steffi. While the sentiment with Julián is mutual, however, Steffi always rejects Juan's attempts to win her over.

  • Evil Redhead: The one and only Natasha Rossi who takes pleasure in making Steffi's life impossible.

  • Fantasy-Forbidding Father: Ron is implied to be against Ian wanting to become a famous youtuber with his amount of technological devices. His reaction when Ian playfully flies his drone all over him indicates that it isn't the first time Ian had done this before, telling him that he should make the most of his time by focusing on his school studies and making him stop by threatening to call off the upcoming purchase of a console he wants. Ron doesn't forbid him from achieving such wild dreams, though.

  • First Guy Wins: Aside from Tony, Julián is the first boy Steffi meets since her previous boyfriend dumped her for Natasha and the two eventually start a relationship. However, they briefly break up, both due to Steffi having her head on other stuff, especially the fact that she suspects Julián to be her brother, and for kissing Santi, her ex-boyfriend, but they still get together in the end.

  • Subverted with Julián in Luz's case. Even though Luz met Julián first, she sees him as a good friend and only has eyes for Steffi's coach Tony, whom she met before Steffi came to Cielo Grande.

  • First Kiss: Luz has her first kiss with Tony. Averted with Julián, who she only sees as a friend.

  • Freudian Excuse: Ron's reason to not wanting Steffi to know the truth about her birth mother comes from the fact that when he met her back at Cielo Grande, Steffi's grandparents did not approve the relationship due to her coming from a poor background and when she gave birth to Steffi, and Luz as well, they forced him to kept both sisters separated from each other. Later on, Steffi's true mother turns out to be Luz's mother Cynthia, the very same woman Ron met years ago. Natasha's feud with Steffi started because both of them had a crush on the same guy, Santi, who was their coach at the time. It's clear that Natasha harbored feelings for him, which were not reciprocated, but Steffi herself was in denial of this and did not tell Natasha beforehand, so it's no wonder why this hurtful experience turned her into a bully to Steffi later on.

  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse: It is one thing for Ron to take good care of Steffi but another serious one is to hide a family truth that she deserves to know. The fact that Steffi's grandparents disapproved of Ron's relationship with Cynthia and forcing him to separate both her and Luz from each other didn't give him the right to lie to his own daughter for years or even make up a story that he hoped would be enough for her to be kept at bay. Even if Ron's intentions were out caring, it still doesn't justify it.

  • Friendly Rivalry: Between Steffi and Natasha by the finale of the second season after apologizing and forgiving each other over their own mistakes.

  • Good is Not Nice: Even though Matrix came to support the Cielo Grande cause with the Monzo twins, she is shown to be cynical and outright prone to outbursts for the most insignificant things. For example, she almost pettily threatened to withdraw just because Luz called her out for yelling at Naty for accidentally spilling a drink on her table.

  • Good Stepmother: Paula, Ron's wife and Ian's mother, used to be this to Steffi, with whom she had a close relationship. Sadly, she passed away prior to the events of the series.

  • Graceful Loser: Steffi ends up losing the competition to Natasha, but she takes it with dignity and doesn't even hesitate to approach Natasha and share her beautiful experience at Cielo Grande.

  • Granola Girl: Julián has definitely grown fond of nature and hosts meditating sessions.

  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Matrix is this to almost all of the hotel staff.

  • Have We Met?: Steffi asks this question to Luz when they first meet. Luz replies "no" and Steffi tells her that she reminds her of someone. In episode 9, Steffi and Luz are revealed to be sisters since both Ron and Cynthia are their respective parents.

  • Heroes Want Redheads: Fer has a crush on Natasha and Juan's suspicions about her are proven true when she ends up playing with his feelings after one date.

  • Hopeless Suitor: Played for laughs with the Monzo twins as Fer and Juan fall in love with Natasha and Steffi respectively. After one date with Fer, Natasha no longer wants to have anything to do with him and Steffi, who has a crush on Julián, constantly rejects Juan's advances to win her over, with Fer amusingly replying "Julián, one. Juan, zero."

  • Horrible Judge of Character: Fer, one of the Monzo twins, when he falls in love with Natasha, Steffi's nemesis, that it ends up clouding his judgement, resulting in a rift between him and Juan, whose warnings are mistaken for jealousy, and the group questioning which side is he on. The pacific protest made by the gang to prevent the cutting of the trees and Juan begging him to come back is what snaps Fer back to his senses.

  • Hypocrite: Ron accuses Steffi of using the Summer Crush competition just as an excuse to investigate the truth behind her birth mother. However, it turns that he was actually doing the exact same thing, use the competition as an excuse to stop her from looking into her mother's past. Made worse by the fact that he's been lying to her the whole time when Steffi's grandparents elaborated a story about her, with even Ron going along with the lie to protect her.

  • I Have No Son!: Zig-zagged. Steffi is less than pleased when her father Ron, a former wakeboard champion, arrives with her brother Ian at the hotel to see her at the competition. She lets them stay on one condition: pretend to not acknowledge each other as a family.

  • Innocently Insensitive: Charly rejects Naty's idea of including butterflies, aside from sharks, in the Sky Vibes' promotional video only because "it doesn't make sense". Naty feels visbly offended by this comment and calls him obtuse, even more when Charly tested if she was okay with excluding the butterflies. After some reflection, Charly apologized to Naty and included the butterflies as promised.

  • Interrupted Declaration of Love: Charly tries to confess his feelings for Naty, who interrupts him mid-sentence and amdits that she is in love with a girl. That girl is revealed to be Luz while Naty watches in sadness as she kisses Tony.

  • Internal Reveal: Tony, Ian and the rest of the group are made aware that Steffi and Luz are sisters.

  • I Was Having Such a Nice Dream: Luz dreams that she is at the old Sky Vibes bar with Julián, both of them as children, reliving the day where her grandparents where performing. Naty catches her with a smile on her face.

  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Matrix might be abrassive, cynical and a bit of a Jerkass, but the heart of gold part becomes evident when Juan, one of the twins, has her leave some chocolate cookies to Steffi's bedroom as a nice gesture, after they begged her to stay at the hotel when she had earlier threatened to leave just because of a trivial mistake from one of the hotel staff.

  • Kick the Dog: Steffi revealed that Natasha once humilliated her via social media with the reveal that she is dating the former's ex-boyfriend and rubbed it in her face.

  • Natasha and her team deliberately splashing Steffi, Tony and Luz in water.

  • Lack of Empathy: Natasha only looks out for Natasha. She doesn't show any remorse regarding Steffi's wakeboarding accident after she crashes into a log, even going as far as to disregard Fer's feelings for her.

  • Luke, You Are My Father: When the truth about Ron and Cynthia comes out, the latter is as shocked as Steffi when realizing that she is her other daughter. Ron as well with Luz, who is his other daugther.

  • Meaningful Name: Luz meaning "light", reflected also by her cheerful and bubbly personality. This is even lampshaded by her mother Cynthia.

  • Missing Dad: Luz grew up without a father in her life and whenever she asked her mother about him, she would always give Luz the same answer: leave him where he belongs, in the past. After she and Steffi meet and team up to investigate her family past, Luz is shocked to discover that Steffi's father, Ron, is her father as well.

Never My Fault: Naty accidentally spills a drink all over an angered Matrix who insults her. When Luz defends Naty by telling Matrix how rude she was to her, she tea

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